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Tuition & Accommodation

Tuition RMB20,000 /academic year
Accommodation Per Academic Year RMB15,000 /bed
Per Semester RMB8,000 /bed
Notes: Tuition excludes textbook, insurance, health examination, visa, living expenses and other costs. International student apartments are double-rooms with an independent toilet, shared kitchen and free WiFi.

The other expenses

The cost for one year Chinese study is as follows:

Text Books: Approx. RMB 300-400 each school year.

Meals: Approx. RMB1000 /month at dining hall

Insurance: RMB 800/year

Visa: RMB 800/year

Physical Examination: RMB 400 (charge for processing residence permit visa for the first time)

Insurance & Medical

On the day of registration, international students are required to purchase medical insurance in accordance with the provisions of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Insurance fees are CNY 800 Yuan/year, CNY 400 Yuan/half year.

The insurance company is responsible for a death, accidental disability, accidental injury medical treatment, outpatient and emergency medical treatment and hospitalization.

Students can go to the school clinic or go to Hua Xin Hospital and Wangjing Hospital with passports and money.

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